Hiring rooms

At the Natural History Museum Basel, there's much more to do than just staring and marvelling at a number of things. With the Aula and seminar room, we are also able to hire out two unusual spaces in the heart of our museum's impressive atmosphere.

Whether it be for your workshop, your inaugural lecture, your conference or your other unusual occasion: our museum offers two spaces that radiate both history and tradition as well as sobriety and inspiration. The Aula and the seminar room offer the perfect venue for a wide range of occasions.


This imposing room is decorated with 125 portraits of former professors of the University of Basel.

The Aula seats a maximum of 241, and is suitable for lectures and presentations.

The seating arrangements are fixed.

In terms of infrastructure, it has a speaker's podium, a screen, a video projector and an overhead and slide projector.

For building conservation reasons, we are unable to permit the consumption of food and drink in the Aula.

For an aperitif or coffee break, we can offer you the entrance hall and the Natural History Museum Basel's mezzanine floor.

Seminar room

The seminar and workshop room, redesigned in 2015, can accommodate a maximum of 50 people. It is equipped with a modern infrastructure.

The seminar room has cinema seating, a video projector, a tea kitchen with coffee maker, and free WiFi.

The room also has a workshop area with corresponding equipment.